Tilting towards the Saudis

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s check out to Saudi Arabia, perhaps the leader of the Sunni Muslim nations in West Asia, clearly sets out the priorities of his government’s policy for the region. The Riyadh journey came 8 months after Mr. Modi went to the United Arab Emirates, another Gulf nation and a member of the Saudi camp.

Historically, India’s West Asia policy has actually been multi-directional. Even when New Delhi warmed up to Israel in the 1990s as part of the nation’s efforts to diversify its diplomatic engagement in the post-Soviet world, it was careful not to jeopardize the traditional relations with Muslim countries.

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New Tourist Class seats created for short-haul air travels

A brand-new kind of seat has actually been revealed for Boeing 737 airplane serving short-haul routes. The Tourist Class seats, developed by Lift by EnCore, are on screen today that the 2016 Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo in Germany. They have actually been developed particularly for the Boeing Sky Interior cabins on the B737 and B737 MAX aircraft, which are the essentials of many low-cost providers’ fleets on www.365travel.asia .

According to EnCore, the slim-line seats are created to increase passenger seating space, no matter the pitch picked by an airline company.

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